I met this fascinating guy from Ireland  in Bad Kissingen (Bavaria, Germany) where I did an internship at Heiligenfeld, a psychosomatic hospital. The time at the hospital was already magical and getting to know Richard made my beautiful experience complete and outstanding. He is 46 and can tell a crazy lifestory you would rather consider as fiction than reality. He calls himself a „promoter of love“ and works with people on a physical, mental and metaphysical way to help them coming out of their mind and into their heartspace. He lives without any bank account; money, clothes and food are given to him by making big bubbles (Seifenblasen) for the kids  in the streets or by the people whome he gives his energy and support to. He taught me the importance and beauty of being the observer of all my emotions and feelings, but not to identify with them and looking into the world through the heart, not the illusionary mind. I am very grateful for the input, meditation and love you gave me, but mostly for feeling so connected and seen by you! Stay strong and cool, Rich.




What do you do to keep your level of consciousness high?

First of all, my interpretation of consciousness nothing can take away from it or add to it, it just is. But when I feel down or heavy as a result of energies of my mindfield, I have practical means to clean house. I have a physical method for cleaning the mindfield and I also rely on prayer, contemplation and meditation. And taking all these things into consideration I can clean house very quickly.

Clean the house?

If I look at myself as a house I can open the windows and air it out and clean it.

And what is the most powerful meditation technique you are using?

By being conscious that I have a connection with a higher power and maintaining that connection, keeping it open, maintaining myself as a translucent being, not holding on to anything, not identifying with anything or being attached by anything allows this connection to be open, free and clean. That is my most powerful tool.

Could you explain the heart-meditation technique you showed me?

The heart-meditation is a commend one amoungst all true meditation. It’s got nothing to with the heart. It’s got nothing to do with the outside world. But it has everything to do with that which is observing everything that is phenomenal. You are not that. Even when you’re in the heartspace, you are in the heartspace! So the emphasis is on you, the conscious being. The heartspace is our true seat. So it’s a beautiful technique from that perspective. And it’s promoting love. But the actual root of the technique is to show you that you are more than that, so much more than that. It is to bring the emphasis back to that which is you, which is observing.

What was the last time you observed yourself being in anger?

Oh! Ehm… In Belice about five, six months ago. I was working with an individual who was angry and brought this energy into my space and tried very hart to sell his anger to me and I allowed myself to buy it for a moment and I felt this energy that was very frustrated and very volatile. So that was the list time. Because I practise and preach consciousness I knew, I wasn’t identified with it. I allowed it to be. It flowed very fast through me. It wasn’t a problem.

…and in sadness?

Sadness a lot! A lot. Because I am the observer I actually see realities that people are blinded to because of their distractions and their life among that. And I am allowed to experience sadness and it is beautiful. It is not a bad thing.

Do you then also cry or just let the sadness flow through you without attachement?

Very good! When I fell into the heartspace I recognize that my being was absolutely silent and still. I recognize that thoughts did not come from me, they came to me. Before I stepped on to the spiritual path, like everybody else I believed that thoughts came from me and once I recognized that I had a much deeper understanding of emotions. They were condiotined to identify with thoughts and the emotions of feelings that come as a result of that. Once I stepped into my inner silence, emotions that I started feeling after that to this point, I recognized they aren’t coming from me, but they are flowng through me. Both from the world of duality and the world of non-duality. And sometimes I let to experience other people’s sadness or anger or frustration. But I experience it from a higher space, it’s like I am allowed to experience his (by this he means god / a higher power / however you like to call it) love, his sadness, his joy, his compassion and it’s a beautiful unique experience.

But how can you differenciate it, if it is yours or his?

Because if I work with an individual I’m seeing, I’m feeling, experiencing, I am in their space very conscious and aware of a people feeling, sensing and experiencing, so I can see their shit that they are carrying around with them.  When I feel his love and his feelings, I know it because I am not identified with it. That is all. There is no identification. And also the quality is uncomparable, it’s real, i’s clean, it’s pure.

What was the biggest tragedy of your life?

Until this moment now I suffered a lot. The first 11 years of my life were supposingly dramatic enough that the memories were removed from me, so I didn’t identify. But like everybody in life I have had my ups and downs. I fall flat on my face, I built empires and empires fell away. I was married with beautiful family… So, many tragedies. The biggest one… They all sucked, you know. It all sucked in the moment. But I have no guilt, no regret, no worries, no fear. I had a level of understanding that I needed to  experience what I experienced. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The modern methods of psychotherapy mostly focus directly on the trauma and want to make people go through it again to heal it. But like you said, you can’t remember the first 11 years of your life, it seems like a clever hint from nature to me: Maybe it is ok and the best for us to not remember certain cruel things that happened to us, so that we don’t start identifying with it.

Absolutely! Because I meet people that I work with that … say, they had a what is percieved as negative experience in the childhood and it can be anything, and they hold on to that memory both intelectually and physically… And I find the biggest issue of humanity is: We are repeaters. We like to hold on to our shit. And we constantly repeat these stories and nine times out of ten it is all on the negative polarity. It is not on the positive polarity, because we are condiotined to identify easier with the negative than the positive. But the beauty of it is: The traumatic event, no matter what it was, happened in that moment, so it’s over. But because we are condiotined to hold on to our story, we repeat it for various reasons. Trying to tap into that original pain that we experienced in that moment, because we haven’t been taught how to deal with our problems. The massive part of it is: If people are givin‘ an opportunity to drop their story, most would choose not to, because it becomes part of their identity and they don’t know who they are without that story… I feel sad about that sometimes.


The removal of the memories, for myself, I personally don’t give a fuck. I am very grateful, because I wasn’t allowed to hold on to a story.

I am enjoying your questions!

Yes?? Thank you! What makes you happy?

I don’t promote happiness! Because happiness is in the world of duality and here happiness is always followed by the polar opposite. But when you fall into the heartspace you fall into contentment. You don’t need a hot nor cold, you are just cool. And it’s right to be cool.

How do you define relationships and friendships? Do you even differentiate or is everybody your friend?

I’ve gotten through different stages of this. From the old version of myself, from the egoic version of myself, I had a story that I identified with and that was that I held friendship at a very high place. So that if somebody wanted to be Richards friend, they actually had to really work at it and prove themselves to be my friend. The sad thing about that was, I had very few friends. Because of my life I have millions of friends all over the world. But it’s not a friendship-friendship, they are just people I know. And today I am a friend to everybody. And I don’t care if this is recipicated. I have no worries whether this comes back. It is not an investment, it just is. I enjoy being everybodies friend. Concerning relationships: I just stepped out of seven years of being a monk. And over the past year I’ve stepped out of this identity and allowed myself to experience relationships on a more intimate level. And I am having fun! (smiles) 

Ok, this is the very last question: What is your message to humanity?

You are fucked! If you don’t get out of the head and fall in love to take a step back and look at. Just look at the world, look at your neighbours, look at your communities. We’re at such a point now where families are breaking up, very few communities exist. We’re hold on the negative polarity, we are destroying everything. And this is all from the mind! It’s not from the heart, it’s not from the place of love. My message is: Fall in love! Hug a fucking tree! Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself! And be awake, be conscious. That’s it. Keep it cool and simple.


(If you want to try out the named „heart-meditation“ it contains the following three general steps:

1. Always stay on the positive polarity.

2. Be the observer of everything. Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions.

3. Meditate everyday. Lay your hand onto your heart and focus completely on the inside of your hand. Feel the energy or warmth or whatever you feel here. Imagine the heartspace like real space of which you can choose the size. Come out of your mind and into your heartspace. If you practise it constantly and remind yourself several times a day, you will start to see the world, others and yourself more and more throught the heart – through and with love! )

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